Menomonie Youth Hockey Association (MYHA) has been in the community since the early1970’s, offering the opportunity for Youth to participate and learn the game of Hockey.   MYHA has coordinated expansion projects in 1986, 1988, & 2002 (which included the Ag Bldg).  MYHA has a governing Board that oversees the operations of the game of Hockey.

In 2004, Dunn County agreed to give ownership to MYHA and managing the facility.  When this happened,  MYHA board split into 2 boards, creating the Menomonie Ice Board (members of this Board are community members).

The purpose of the Menomonie Ice Board is to manage the facility focusing on :

  • Facilities Business operations
  • Financial Mgmt., Bldg. Maintenance
  • Rental Agreements,
  • Master Scheduling
  • Collaboration w/User Groups

The Expansion to be the Dunn County Community Center happened in Spring 2014, with the building Hockey Arena getting an expansion, the Fanetti Community Center was built and additional enhancements made to the building.


Community Center is available for your gathering needs, including the Ag Center.   Contact us for more information.